Monday, June 16, 2014

When all your blog posts are just posts apologizing for not posting...

Look, I know it has been awhile, but I've been busy, life intrudes, you know?

Well, fuck you then.

Go on, fuck off.

Or continue reading.

When one cannot game, one must think about gaming.
When one thinks enough about gaming, one must write about it.

So I'll do that.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my original world, its politics, and denizens and have created a map that I am most proud of. Not proud enough to show you people, but still proud.

Furthermore, I've started work on blending my favorite elements from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and ADnD 2E. I call it, Lamentations of the Second Edition Remix or LoSER.

The idea behind the project is to marry the accessibility and quick start up time of LotFP with the depth of 2E. My biggest issue with 2E is the time it takes to roll characters and my biggest gripe with LotFP is how flat characters made with that system start out.

Now, it is my belief that characters really receive their "roundness" through actual play, but I think that the decisions made during character creation help the process. In LotFP, your choices are class, alignment, and equipment. I'd like to add some depth there.

Depth, but not crunch. Unnecessary number crunching is to be avoided. To that end, saving throws are out the window.

At first I thought I'd steal from the third edition of DnD, with its three simple saving throws, and then I thought, "Wait. Aren't fortitude, willpower, and reflex covered by constitution, wisdom, and dexterity? Y U ADD MORE THINGS?" Why not a simple stat check?

What's that you say? Saving throws should be more difficult? Fine. Bring back the 3E style saving throws but each one is set at 10 and acts like an armor class. Modify that number with the relevant stat bonus. (Descending armor class, you Luddite.)  Whatever is forcing the saving throw now must make an "attack roll" against your saving throw. Embrace the suck. Because this shit goes both ways. Anytime you force a saving throw against something else, you must make an attack roll against it. Wizards, dust off yer d20's.

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