Monday, June 29, 2015

Echoes in eternity

I still exist, though I doubt any of my readers would still self-identify as such, should there have ever been any.

Anyway, I ran a game! With my own homebrew system! And my own original setting!

So how neat is that? For added indy cred, my homebrew is classless, much like its creator.

That setting doesn't have a name, yet*. But it's a science fantasy setting, possibly in our own world's distant future, or just uncomfortably nearby in the multiverse as things such as V8 muscle cars and the Top Gun soundtrack exist. Also 8 track players with said soundtrack stuck in them, forever playing side B.

It is a place of dwarven biker gangs tearing down the highways on their custom machines. A place of lizardmen mechanics working lonely, isolated, filling stations with nothing but the company of his shrew of a wife to pass the time.

It is a place of only one elf. But the elf is legion. And an A.I. It exists in many bodies, but one mind, unless of course, a body is sent out into the world to experience the world through the cultural lens of the ELF, and perhaps find true individuality, only to return to the collective.

It is a place of sharp-dressed, psychic spell casters, wielding laser swords and sniper rifles, who have sexual performance issues, and are fiscally conservative.

It is a place of wild nomadic beastmen, ripped from their tundra home and placed in a hive of scum and villainy. They live in abandoned "living spaces" and play cards with cheating robots, who double as microwaves.

Magic, high science, pop culture, post apocalyptica, fear, loathing, and really old cans of coke.

*I think I'm going to call the setting "The Danger Zone". Well, I know it's not a very good name, but, well, fuck you. Go on. Fuck off.