Thursday, July 12, 2012

That lovin' feelin'

Both fighters in my D&D game have reached level five and recently acquired some fairly powerful magical items. Specifically, an invisibility ring and a ring of elemental control. I may have been over that before...


Very often, I focus on how if you shower your players with magical items, they become mundane. I designed a very low magic world where a +1 sword is a treasure, and though the warriors have collected a smattering of such weakly enchanted items, neither character has ever encountered (much less possessed) such powerful magic as the two rings they now possess.

The new magic has given each of them a sense of mystique. Besides being skilled fighting men, they now have unique arcane powers that set them apart from all the other sword jocks in the world. The fact that the average ding-dong can't walk into ye olde magic shop and buy an invisibility ring accentuates this and propels them into a realm of mythic figures.

As exciting as this is for the players, I believe it is more so for me as the DM as the characters are moving from regular jack offs into legends.

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