Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm thinking of running a G+ game, also setting junk and stuff

I've read about flailsnails and I'm hooked up to the G+ and I'm seriously considering running a pickup game.

But then I think, "Maybe I should play a few pickup games first,"

and then I think, "Fuck that."

I think I know my world well enough to run a one-shot at the drop of a hat. So maybe I will.

On Thrailia

                                                      The Dark Ages by Jonas DeRo

Thrailia is an ancient kingdom based primarily on the Zan'drick peninsula on the eastern shores of Skovorod. It has been ruled by the Thrailkill Dynasty since its founding, some 2,000 years ago.
Currently, it is ruled by the young princess Ellysia Thrailkill, who, by the rules of succession, will relinquish the throne to her younger brother, Alexander IX, when he comes of age.
Thrailia is a classical feudal society, with all land within it its boarders belonging to the monarchy and ruled by appointed vassals.

For generations, Thrailia was in a near constant, though not always active, state of war with its western neighbor, Myralon, though the last two Thraillkill Kings made great inroads in the way of diplomacy and the two nations are now on friendly terms. Currently, Thrailish emissaries have been attempting to establish diplomatic relations with the dwarves of the Iron Empire.

All members of Thrailish society belong to one of three orders: commoners, nobles, and clergy. Commoners support the nobles who in turn protect the commoners. The clergy are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the nation.

The principal religion is the Thrailish Irevarian Church, headed by the archdiocese at Searider. Traditionally, the royal family practices a different faith, worshiping the ancient storm god Tor. Elves are allowed to worship their traditional gods, the Seldarine, but worship of the two other human deities of the Triumvirate, Setis and Kali, is forbidden.

Nearly 500 years ago, Thrailish forces captured the a huge chunk of elven territory including the elven capitol. Since then, many elves have seamlessly integrated into Thrailish society, serving as consorts, courtiers, and courtesans to Thrailish nobility. It is seen as fashionable to have an elven paramour among the nobility, and consequently, half-elves are not uncommon.

All Thrailish common men train with bows from the age of around eight, likewise, all Thrailish noblemen train with sword and lance on horseback from a similar age. The Thrailish are renowned for their cavalry, archers, and navy.

The relatively long period of peace in the last 200 years has seen many nobles pursuing the fine arts as well as the martial and occasionally, war will break out between them. These skirmishes are unlikely to attract royal attention, unless of course the threaten the stability of the realm. These conflicts often involved months of troop maneuvers and posturing, perhaps a siege, and sometimes bloodshed. More than once, the whole ordeal has been solved by a literal chess match in the middle of the battlefield while each army cheers on their respective commander.

As a people, the Thrailish tend to be tall, thin, and fair skinned. Hair and eye colors fall within what we would recognize as the normal range. Certain individuals, however, hare born with eyes that range from red to violet and are said to have descended from the original inhabitants of the Zan'drick peninsula, a people who's name and culture has been lost to history.

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