Friday, October 7, 2011

Dice in the other hand

In addition to being a DM once a week, I'm now going to be a player in a bi-weekly campaign run by a good friend of mine who was my first DM and introduced me to the hobby.

The system we're using is one of his own design which he hopes to publish one day. It's called Grit, I think, and strives to be a simulation more than a game. That said, it's surprisingly rules-lite and runs very quickly. It's also level-less and class-less, and pretty damn lethal. It is definitely not a game for hack'n'slashers, as every bit of combat holds the potential for death.

Especially for my character. The short of it is, I'm playing a sheltered nancy-boy aristocrat. He spent his early years studying dance before his father forced him into studying something worthwhile. Being highly intelligent and intuitive, he began to study the nature of death, and was eventually inducted into the ranks of the Necromancers. So we have an effeminate, tender-hearted Necromancer who is a dancer at heart. The stats that govern healthfulness and hardiness were my dump stats, and I'm pretty sure that a pillow fight would spell certain doom for him.

We've only played one session, but I'm having fun with him. He's woefully ill-equipped to handle anything that isn't a quiet study or laboratory, socially inept, and frightened by his own quiet obsession with the dark arts. And so far, his only companion is an Amazon of a woman tasked with his protection.

He also tends to cry a lot.

Especially now that he's lost in some trackless wilderness.

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