Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sticks and stones and high calibre bullets

So I've been sick with some type of deadly death disease. After two days of trying to manly man my way through the illness, a kindly sawbones saw fit to prescribe me with all manner of high powered dope and now I'm right as rain.

Any way, there was no roleplaying from the usual group this week, the week before that, however, bones were rolled.

Our Traveller adventure went on to Encounter #2, which saw the party on another fetch quest to some backwater system. The plan was to sneak into a fairly heavily guarded corporate base to steal the McGuffin, quietly as possible.

Thanks to the group's computer wizardry and combat prowess, the heist went off mostly without a hitch. Though, the entire team got ID'd in the process, and one of the ex-marines got shot up pretty good.

The group also learned the literal value of space fuel.

On the subject of wounds: I've only DM'd medieval fantasy style games before, and high calibre bullet wounds were understandably not a part of that. I know enough about wounds in general to understand that a gunshot wound is far more punishing and generally nasty that a sword wound. This fact seems to be lost on my heavily wounded player who keeps running around as if he was fine because, well, he's got a few HP left. I think I'll start him bleeding to death, and his armor is probably ruined as well.

Ship needs a doctor.

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