Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DotDS: Paladin

Image stolen from the cover of Steven King's The Gunslinger, first book in the Dark Tower series, which is required reading. The setting Desert of the Demon Sun is stolen, mostly intact, from Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque, which is excellent and worthy of theft.

So, DotDS is a desert land where G-d was killed by Ha-Satan in the First War. Old Scratch rules earth, the sun is, in  fact, an enthroned demon, hating earth all day to produce copious amounts of both heat and light.
DotDS is the second of three planned realms and is its own distinct reality separate from the other two. Geographically, it lies north of the Black Glass Mountains and south of Winter's Wall.

This is putting the cart a bit before the horse, I know, but this was the bit that was on my mind today. I'll do something on the general setting later. 

So about these paladins.

These paladins may or may not be actual paladins in terms of class. To be a paladin, however, requires a strict and unyielding belief in G-d, who is admittedly dead and devotion to his principals and morality.
The first task in becoming a paladin is to find one, and then ask to be initiated. Next, the prospective paladin must memorize the Thousand Names of God. This is a literal list of the names of G-d and is often recited by paladins to ward off evil and strengthen resolve. Once the litany is memorized, the prospective paladin enters into apprenticeship and learns the paladins trade. Paladins deal in lead.
They defend the weak, wright wrongs, and protect the innocent... provided they can find any.

No paladin is required, however, to intercede in any situation where he is not specifically asked to. Asking a paladin for help, however, is no small thing. The request for help is confirmed three times by the paladin, and then the paladin will stop at nothing in pursuit of the goal, and use whatever tactics necessary to do the most good for the most people.

Some paladins are rumored to wield "heavy irons" which are large and powerful revolvers rumored to have been forged from the swords of the last three angels that defended G-d.

The presence of a paladin is always known to any infernal beings in the immediate area, and also to any beings under the sway of, touched by, or in a contract with an infernal being.

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