Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gameable - Old Machine

Art stolen from Ian McQue, posted here without permission, but at least I gave attribution, amirite?

No. Appearing: 1
AC 2
HD 50
No. Attacks 3 - 3d10/3d10/6d10

In the neighborhood of 200 feet tall, these behemoths are the physical manifestations of the AI that rules the place. They patrol the wasteland, attacking targets of opportunity, but their primary function is to shore up the ad-hoc network that keeps all the Old Machines in communication. The three primary attacks of the technological terror come from projectile weapons mounted onto its chassis.
In melee combat, the machine is basically reduced to kicking and stomping.
I would recommend a save vs. dragon breath or ridiculous damage, death if you're feeling especially gritty.
There have been no credible reports of an Old Machine ever being "killed". Should one come under attack, it can quickly signal for any other machines in the area to aid it.

Many old-timers who travel the surface can tell at least one tale of seeing an Old Machine trudging across the horizon. Anyone who has been closer to one isn't likely drawing air. The Old Machines have terrific "eyesight" among other senses and can direct Hunters to a target from miles away.


  1. Prolific lately. Tarrasque-esque. Something more akin to a walking volcano. A natural-disaster to be feared and escaped rather than destroyed. Interesting.

    1. And there are bigger ones that this.

      An important aspect of the Old Machines is that they are nigh invulnerable. They are so powerful a force that they've broken society to the point where it is incapable of fighting back in a meaningful way. In Grot, there are no heroes, only survivors.