Monday, February 11, 2013

In Grot: The City of the Dead

Down in Grot beyond the Black Glass Mountains where the Old Machines rule...

The most immediate legacy of the them that wrought the Old Machines are the Old Machines themselves. However, they are not all.

Amid the sand and rocks of the wasteland there is still one city that remembers Grot before any called it by that that name. The City of the Dead remains much as its builders left it, though none of them are left to enjoy it. Only their metal servants still haunt the palaces and boulevards, still going about their daily tasks as if they have little noticed the departing of their creators.

They maintain the city as if confident that the inhabitants will return soon. They sweep its streets free of sand, prune the gardens, and repel any invaders.

Only the extremely brave, expertly skilled, or very stupid dare delve into the City of the Dead, but the rewards are great for those who do. Many a Keeper in the scattered warrens throughout Grot can trace the strange devices in his collection to the City of the Dead.

Many of these artifacts bring weal, more bring woe, and all fetch high prices.

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