Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gameable - Old Machine: Hunter

In Grot, the desert land ruled by the Old Machines beyond the Black Glass mountains, the ancient automatons created by Those-Who-Came-Before hunt amid the rocks and crevices, searching for entrances to the Warrens wherein survivors still dwell.
The Hunters come in many shapes, from the elegant humanoid species that were crafted by mortal fingers to the more recent and fractal models fabricated by insane and unknowable robot brains.
Guided by the will of their overlord, they have one instruction: Kill. They tirelessly seek to spill organic blood and they will never stop.

In effect, a re-skinned golem. Almost always encountered singularly, but always networked. If one is encountered, all others are alerted. The best policy is to try to run, hide, and confuse the thing until it moves on. Think Terminator, but with more general programing and little creative thinking ability.

 Note: I'm using 2E stats. That means descending armor class, THAC0 instead of attack bonuses.

No. Appearing: 1
AC: 7
11 HD
THAC0: 9
2 attacks - 2d8 claws/clamps or by weapon.

Immune to all attacks/spells/effects that would affect the mind or body by organic means. Takes double damage from electric attacks.

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  1. I like it. The not great AC indicates it's sort of big, clumsy, and tough. The thing relies on it's wifi pals and solid construction to win out.It's a totally disposable, damage dealing tank. Interesting. Seems like it'd be easy to evade but it's Com Link is what makes it truly dangerous. Fun Stuff.