Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of Grot: The Damned

*Not to be confused with the band, who are, in fact, not at all related to this post.

Image stolen from another blog who stole it and did not give attribution. So, to whoever owns this: I'm sorry. Please don't sue. You could take everything I own and I would be out $14. It's lose-lose.

Ninety nine times out of 100, when a machine encounters a non-machine, it murders it. Standard response.

Occasionally, however, the non-machine is collected, converted, and used against other non-machines.

There appears to be no logic behind the creation of the Damned. The are sometimes used (badly) as infiltration units, but are just as often as not found wandering the wastes, raving madly. They will attack any non-machine on sight with whatever weapons they possess, sometimes while shouting gibberish, nursery rhymes, or apologizing profusely. Some are quite eloquent and intelligent. All appear to serve the Old Machines, if only in their own way.

The amount of cybernetics varies from Damned to Damned, there appears to be no standard.

It also appears that the machines tend to convert fighting men most often. The current theory is that the average fighting man is more hearty, physically, and machines favor this more durable frame.

Culturally, the Damned are seen as sorrowful creatures, who have been robbed of their spirits. By being converted, their spirits have been usurped by the Old Machines. Killing one is seen as a kindness.

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